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Kitumizi hiki kitakupa zaidi ya Methali 2150 pamoja na sauti zake
Kitumizi hiki kinakupa Nahau takribani 700 na maana na picha zake
Kitumizi hiki kitakupa vitendawili zaidi ya 1180 na picha za majibu yake
Kitumizi hiki kina misemo 109 na maana zake fasaha na sadifu

About Swahili Sayings

This application gives you over 2150 swahili proverbs and their meanings, 1180 riddles, close to 700 idioms and their meanings and over 100 sayings. In addition, it offers an audio clip for every proverb that is meant to make the app more enjoyable and as well help kiswahili learners to get the pronunciation right and an image for each riddle and idiom.

The app also gives a sayings of the Day and date. The app connects you to a community of over 10,000 app usersaround the world to comment, discuss and share knowledge in kiswahili language.

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